TAI Rio+20 Documents

The book provides a place for you to post documents and other reference material.

Please see attached for documents related to the Access Initiative campaign on Rio.

  • Paper: “Moving from Principles to Rights: Rio 2012 and Ensuring Access to Information, Public Participation and Access to Justice for Everyone”

  • Rio info note in English, French and Spanish

  • Timeline of Rio+20 events and TAI campaigns

  • 3Ds campaign: full list of demands

  • What We Want from Rio+20: Civil Society Organizations Worldwide Voice their Demands for Environmental Democracy

  • TAI’s official submission to the Rio+20 compilation document

Moving from Principles to Rights.pdf870 KB
WRI_TAI Rio20 InfoNote_ ENGLISH_JAN1011.pdf264.94 KB
WRI_TAI Rio20 InfoNote_ ESPANOL_JAN1011.pdf254.91 KB
WRI_TAI Rio20 InfoNote_ FRENCH_JAN2011.pdf725.63 KB
Rio Timeline.pdf94.62 KB
3D_Rio_Benin.pdf1.94 MB
3D_Rio_Brazil.pdf402.13 KB
3D_Rio_Cambodia.pdf134.54 KB
3D_Rio_Chile.pdf193.83 KB
3D_Rio_Costa Rica.pdf93.27 KB
3D_Rio_El Salvador.pdf27.99 KB
3D_Rio_Guatemala.pdf69.83 KB
3D_Rio_Hungary.pdf358.72 KB
3D_Rio_India.pdf147.18 KB
3D_Rio_Indonesia.pdf118.28 KB
3D_Rio_Madagascar.pdf100.57 KB
3D_Rio_Mexico.pdf27.41 KB
3D_Rio_Nepal.pdf381.68 KB
3D_Rio_South Africa.pdf550.77 KB
3D_Rio_Uganda.pdf92.96 KB
3D_Rio_Venezuela.pdf18.87 KB
3D_Rio_Vietnam.pdf48.77 KB
3D_Rio_Thailand.pdf19.76 KB
3D_Rio_Bolivia.pdf11.3 KB
What We Want From Rio+20.pdf653.91 KB
3 Three Demands Campaign for Rio 2012 Final Spanish.doc356.5 KB
3 Three Demands Campaign for Rio 2012 Final.doc363.5 KB
Lo Que Queremos de Rio+20 .pdf696.64 KB
3D_Rio_United States.pdf134.42 KB
3D_Rio_United Kingdom.doc688.5 KB
3D_Rio_Malawi.pdf24.3 KB
3D_Rio_DRC.doc336.5 KB
The Access Initiative Input into compilation document with annexes.pdf1.05 MB
Convertir los Principios en Derechos .pdf1.32 MB
3D_Rio_Tanzania.pdf170.51 KB
3D_Rio_Jamaica.pdf277.03 KB
3D_Rio_Macedonia.doc502.5 KB
strenghtening intl legal framework_Wates.pdf136.16 KB
Citizen Voices for Sustainable Development.pdf563.18 KB
3D_Rio_Ireland.pdf649.5 KB
3D_Rio_Ukraine.doc317 KB
Giving Shape to Principle 10.doc78.5 KB
3D_Rio_Colombia.pdf37.07 KB
3D_Rio_Cameroon.pdf89.66 KB
3D_Rio_Peru.doc342.5 KB
3D_Rio_Ireland_Minister Response.pdf179.61 KB
3D_Ireland_GovernmentResponse.doc13 KB
Giving Shape to Principle 10.pdf622.63 KB
What We Want from Rio_an update.pdf555.32 KB
Outcome Document: Choosing Our Future.pdf6.34 MB

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