The Access Initiative Assessment Toolkit
Research Tool

At the heart of The Access Initiative’s (TAI’s) work is an assessment toolkit that helps civil society coalitions pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in environmental governance in their countries and identify opportunities to make positive changes. Using a framework of case studies and indicators that evaluate both laws on the books and government practices on the ground, TAI coalitions answer questions such as:

• Does the government inform citizens when pollution poses a health threat?

• Do citizens have a say in how natural resources are used?

• Does the justice system equitably resolve environmental disputes?

Based on experience gained from conducting 32 assessments around the world, TAI updated its assessment toolkit in 2006. As part of the update, web-based software was developed to help TAI coalitions easily conduct assessments, analyze their findings, and store their data.

There is an introduction guide with can be found here:

The Access Initiative
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The creation of the TAI Assessment Toolkit was made possible by the hard work of TAI coalition partners from around the world.
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