May 14, 2014
Brazilian organizations discuss LAC agreement on Principle 10 and Environmental Democracy
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The challenges of environmental democracy in Brazil and the process to elaborate a regional agreement about Principle 10 in the LAC region were discussed in a virtual meeting last Wednesday (7).

Organized by The Access Initiative, WRI and Article 19, the meeting had 25 participants, representatives from 18 organizations, including environmentalist organizations and networks, transparency and access to information organizations as well as representatives from lawyers and public environmental prosecutors.

May 9, 2014
Entidades Debatem Acordo Regional que pode Aprofundar a Democracia Ambiental no Brasil
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Os desafios da democracia ambiental no Brasil e o processo de construção de um acordo regional sobre o tema foram debatidos em encontro virtual realizado nessa quarta-feira (7).

Promovido pela Iniciativa de Acesso (TAI, sigla em inglês), WRI e Artigo 19, o encontro contou com a participação de 25 pessoas, representando 18 instituições, dentre organizações ambientalistas, universidades, redes, organizações de promoção de transparência e acesso à informação e entidades de advogados e promotores da área ambiental.

May 8, 2014
Extractive Working Group of Open Government Partnership to be expanded to Natural Resources Transparency

ICEL recently held a session on “Models of Openness in Sustainable Natural Resources Management” during Open Government Partnership Asia Pacific Regional Conference in Bali, Indonesia. TAI Director, Lalanath de Silva, spoke for the session. The objective is to mainstream more environmental matters in the OGP, including more country commitment for innovations related to P10. You can see TAI’s previous blog regarding environmental issues in OGP .

May 7, 2014
Latin America and Caribbean Dialogue on LAC Principle 10 a successs
Renato Morgado leading TAI Webinar dialogue with CSOs in Brazil

A successful Webinar was held with 25 organisations in Brazil about the LAC P10 Regional process on access to information, public participation and access to justice. Participants discussed the status of access rights in Brazil and their thoughts on the Brazilian Government and CSOs role in participation and contribution to this process. For more information on this process in Brazil please contact Article 19 in Brazil or the TAI Secretariat.

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