May 20, 2009
British Speaker Resigns – A Victory for Transparency
Michael Martin 3.jpg

In a historic and momentous move, Michael Martin, the Speaker of the British House of Commons (lower House of Parliament) resigned his position yesterday. The last time a British Speaker resigned was three hundred years ago. The events were precipitated by proceedings under the new Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) that became operative four years ago.

May 17, 2009
The Bolivian Ministry of the Environment and Water has opened a Documentation Center on Environmental Quality

The Ministry of the Environment and Water, in April, opened a center to provide access to information on Environmental Quality. This Centre for the first time makes available to the public Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Licenses. Access to this information is vital for the communities to raise their voices and concerns about the projects that may impact their lives.

May 13, 2009
TAI Coalitions of Central America Work on a Common Action Plan and a regional partnership

San José, Costa Rica. 2009

Last April 29th and 30th,representatives from TAI Coalitions from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Costa Rica gathered in regional workshop to create a common Action Plan to strengthen their work on the implementation of Principle 10.

The Action Plan has three sections:

May 10, 2009
The Polluters Almost Always Remain Clean

The Polluters Almost Always Remain Clean

Frequent diseases among the people, pestilence of fish and cattle are some of the consequences of the pollution for which the official analyses show that they are in the framework of maximally permitted values. The major source for these values are frequently the polluters themselves. In other words, the polluters pollute us not only with waste but with false information, too.

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