Jun 7, 2009
Indian Court reminds Environment Tribunal about its duty to the future generation
Someting to smile about ! Sandeep Azrekar has been fighting for access rights of mining affected communities of Goa

Two significant ruling by the Delhi High Court in the month of April and May, 2009 delivered by Justice Ravindra Bhat has greatly helped the cause of access to Justice in India. These two judgments along with the Judgment on the functioning of the NEAA delivered by Justice A. P Shah and Justice S Muralidhar has laid down a framework for access rights for far as challenging environmental clearances are concerned.


Jun 5, 2009
USEPA to Publish all Official Calendars: Bold New Step or Token Measure?

Both during his campaign and since assuming office, U.S. President Obama has repeatedly emphasized the importance that transparency and accountability play in his governing philosophy. In fact, just a day after the inauguration, the president issued this memo directing federal agencies and departments to ensure that their affairs are “transparent,” “participatory,” and “collaborative.”

Jun 4, 2009
Community Takes Oil Giant to Task: Demand Direct Role in Environmental Management of Drilling Project

Limbe, SW - You know you are nearly there from the unending file of fuel trucks lining both sides of the winding double-carriage road.

“There is a perpetual risk of one crashing into these things,” complains Thomas Nche, deputy mayor of Idenau, who uses the road everyday. “There are no warning signs.”

The two-kilometre stretch outside the country’s lone petroleum refinery is only one example of how development could come with problems.

Since the creation of the National Oil Refinery (SONARA) 30 years ago, locals suspect gas flaring from the seaside facility is poisoning their air.

Jun 1, 2009
Construyendo una Estrategia de Información Ambiental en Ecuador / Building a Strategy for Environmental Information in Ecuador

El día 28 de mayo, se llevó a cabo en las oficinas del Centro Ecuatoriano de Derecho Ambiental (CEDA) la primera reunión del Comité de Gestión de la Estrategia de Información Ambiental, conformado por: CONESUP, SENPLADES, Ministerio de Ambiente, FLACSO, Ministerio de Coordinación de Patrimonio Natural y Cultural; y, CEDA.

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