The ability or right to obtain or make use of a commodity or process. In the context of this report, “access” refers to the ability or right to obtain or make use of information, opportunities for participation, and mechanisms for justice in official decisions.

Access Initiative, The

The world’s largest civil society network working to ensure that people have the right and ability to influence decisions about the natural resources that sustain their communities.

Synonyms: access initiative, Initiativa Accesso, TAI, The Access Initiative
Access Principles

Refers to the three cornerstones of The Access Initiative: access to information, participation, and access to justice.

Access Rights

The rights of citizens to information, participation and justice in environmental decision-making. See also “access principles.”

Access To Information

The ability of citizens to obtain environmental information in the possession of public authorities. “Environmental information” includes information about air and water quality and information about whether any hazardous chemicals are stored at a nearby factory.

Access To Justice

The ability of citizens to turn to impartial and independent arbiters to resolve disputes over access to information and participation in decisions that affect the environment, or to correct environmental harm. Such impartial arbiters include mediators, administrative tribunals, and courts of law, among others.

Synonyms: justice
Advisory Group

For the purposes of this report, a selection of individuals representing both civil society and government that oversees, reviews, and helps to guide a TAI assessment in a given country. It is the responsibility of the TAI Coalition within a country to invite individuals to serve on the advisory group/panel.

Synonyms: Advisory Panel

The act of assessing; appraisal. In the context of this report, “assessment” refers to the process of measuring a country’s performance in providing access to information, participation, and justice, including collecting data to answer selected research questions. The term also refers to the product of such research - as in, “once a team has completed an assessment, they should submit it to The Access Initiative.”