Thailand Environment Institute

The vision of the Thailand Environment Institute is…..

“… be a center of excellence in environmental issues; a source of up-to-date and reliable data; equipped with highly qualified personnel able to promote initiatives towards the sustainable development of our natural resources and the environment; and as such well recognized both locally and internationally.”


The Thailand Environment Institute will serve as a respected research institute, a center of high-quality information and meaningful action committed to sustainable human development,

  • by conducting research activities within and outside the country to benefit the conservation of natural resources and the environment, and by supporting and participating in the practical application of the research findings,
  • by establishing up-to-date and reliable information systems and through providing for extensive dissemination of quality information on environmental issues,
  • by developing and enhancing the knowledge and capabilities of the staff so that they can be proud of their work and their organization, and
  • by producing quality research publications to be made available to relevant institutions and the general public, both locally and internationally.

and further, in line with its social obligations towards the Thai society, TEI will undertake environment related capacity building activities among the more vulnerable groups of society in support of the national poverty alleviation goals and within the overall framework of sustainable development.




Garay 16/151 Muang Thong Thani, Bond Street, Bangpood,
City, Postal: 
Pakkred, Nonthaburi 11120 THAILAND
Telephone: +66 2 503 3333 Facsimile: +66 2 504 4826-8