PRODENA Bolivian Wildlife Society
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PRODENA, founded in 1979, is the second oldest environmental organization in Bolivia. It is an environmental advocacy organization that has been working on environmental governance, access rights, climate change, and for saving Bolivian biodiversity, forests and endangered parks. The NGO has participated in the development of many important Bolivian environmental laws and regulations, including the Law of the Environment (1992). Since 1990 PRODENA has been promoting sustainable development and currently is emphasizing in resilient development to face the challenges of climate change. In 2005 PRODENA published the Access Initiative Assessment in Bolivia, and distributed it widely in the country. It has also been training young people and developing environmental campaigns to change the unsustainable practices of production and consumption. PRODENA also developed the first proposal to include environmental and sustainable development and the Principle 10 in the new Bolivian Constitution. In 2010 it carried out the Assessment of Institutions for Climate Change Adaptation in Bolivia. Based on the outcomes currently is promoting a civil society agenda for adaptation.

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