Centre for Environmental Policy and Advocacy (CEPA)

The Centre for Environmental Policy and Advocacy (CEPA) was registered under the Laws of Malawi in April 2002. It was formed upon realization of the absence of public interest policy think tanks working on environment and natural resources issues, which are especially critical for a predominantly agro-based economy such as Malawi. CEPA’s mission is to be a think tank for ideas and action-oriented research institution of first choice in promoting environment and natural resources management in Malawi. Its goal is to facilitate policy formulation, analysis and implementation for sustainable environment and natural resources management.

Civil Society Network on Climate Change (CISONECC)

Climate change is one of the most profound and complex issues affecting our society and economy today. Malawi has experienced a number of adverse climatic hazards over the last several decades. The most serious have been dry spells, seasonal droughts, intense rainfall, riverine and flush floods. Some of these, especially droughts and floods, have increased in frequency, intensity and magnitude over the last two decades. These extreme climatic events cause loss of life, damage property and infrastructure, affect food security and hinder efforts in poverty eradication.

In a bid to have a common understanding and have a participation of all different sectors dealing with climate change a Civil Society Network Climate Change (CISONECC) was recently been formed.

Goal: To develop resilient communities to the impacts of climate change.

Vision: Ensuring that Malawians enjoy their right to life.