Friends of the Irish Environmental

Friends of the Irish Environment was formed by a group of environmental activists in 1997 who felt that European law was not being recognised in Ireland and that community groups and individuals needed a way to connect with environmental activists.

Initial meetings were informal but FIE soon determined to become a company in order to establish credibility and be able to bring legal challenges in the Irish Courts. The Company was established under Irish law in 2001 and acts as the formal structure for an active network of volunteers who try and fulfil the following goals:

  • monitor the full implementation of, and to assist in the development of, European law;
  • work for changes in the Irish planning laws;
  • encourage the implementation of the right to full public participation and access to justice;
  • provide assistance to individuals, local groups, and the wider public in understanding environmental issues;
  • seek proper implementation of environmental and planning law to support sustainable communities including the pursuit of concerns and cases in both the built and the natural environment.

(Source: Friends of the Irish Environment website)