See Access Initiative, The in glossary.

Synonyms: The Access Initiative, Access Initiative
TAI Assessment

“TAI Assessment” refers to the process of ranking a country’s performance in providing access to information, participation, and justice, including collecting data to answer selected research questions. The term also refers to the product of such research–as in, “once a team has completed an assessment, they should submit it to The Access Initiative”.

TAI Method

“TAI method” refers to the framework of research questions, indicators, and research tools (including guidelines on source selection and documentation) used to conduct a TAI national assessment of access to information, participation, justice, and capacity building.


The quality or state of being transparent. Transparency refers to the sharing of information and acting in an open and accountable manner. Transparency allows stakeholders to gather information that may be critical to uncovering abuses and defending their interests. Transparent systems have clear procedures for public decision-making and open channels of communication among stakeholders and officials, and make a wide range of information accessible.