TAI's OGP Summit Forum: Proactive Transparency
Oct 25, 2013
London, England - OGP Summit Main Hall
October 30, 2013
Sponsoring Organization(s): 
TAI, Open Knowledge Foundation, ODAC, Access!info, ICEL

Open Government Partnership Civil Society Day October 30, 2013 Round II (13.30 – 14.45) Main Hall

Transparency scholars and advocates are placing a growing emphasis on the proactive release of information by government and the private sector. A number of governments through the Open Government Partnership have made commitments on Proactive Disclosure of information. Will proactive disclosure of information lead to more meaningful public participation and contribute to decision-making processes? Join the Access Initiative for an exciting panel led by talk show host Eszter Filippinyi from the Open Society Foundations where we will Discuss Proactive Transparency within OGP commitments and whether they have been met Share lessons on how to make proactive transparency effective Brainstorm innovative ideas for a series of national and international actions or targets to promote proactive transparency for various critical types of information.


Helen Darbishire, Executive Director, Access Info

Carole Excell, Senior Associate, The Access Initiative, World Resources Institute

Rufus Pollock, Founder and Executive Director, Open Knowledge Foundation

Alison Tilley, Head of Advocacy & Special Projects, Open Democracy Advice Center

Margaretha Quina, Program Officer, Indonesia Center for Environmental Law