The Secretariat

The Secretariat emerged out of World Resources Institure (WRI)’s role in catalyzing the TAI and plays a range of global-level roles in the TAI network. The Secretariat provides a crucial lead for many areas of activity in TAI, including fundraising, global strategy, global networking and outreach and global review of national assessments.


  • Raising funds to support TAI activities, including operation of the Secretariat and Core Team, and sub-grants to partners to support national assessments

Global strategy

  • Leading TAI expansion into new regions
  • Taking the lead in regions not represented by a Core Team member

Global networking and outreach

  • Maintaining linkages with international and intergovernmental agencies for funding and outreach opportunities
  • Coordinating closely with Core Team partners to manage TAI network activities, communications and events

Global review of national assessments

  • Ensuring quality of assessment reports through coordination and participation in each review, in collaboration with the Core Team

WRI’s relations with global institutions such as the World Bank and UN agencies, and its capacity to raise funds at the global level, have been extremely important in the development of TAI. As a well-known and respected international NGO, WRI has helped to strengthen the credibility of TAI.

TAI’s Secretariat Team Contact Information: